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"Your life is sacred. There is and always been a path for your soul. And if you follow that path it will lead you to the inner Utopia."

- Debbie Ford

Meet the founders of a new realm, where human virtue and projections of the future, are built by the networks that curates utopia, which encompasses the team to achieve every goal.

Utopius was thus created.

Who Are We

Nathalie M Rodrigues


Nathalie has been in the yachting industry for over a decade, gaining valuable insight into the industry's diversity, complexity, networks and most importantly, opportunities.

Having recently set up Utopius life, a property business in South Florida, she now allocates her time between investing in real-estate and yacht consulting. Above all, Nat is an entrepreneur and investor who would love to connect to like minded people.

Watch this space for the upcoming launch of her new business, "Trident Yacht Services".

Biren Moodly


This Durban born South African has developed his opportunities in a vast range of elements.

He has emerged from the engineering field with an N Diploma in Electrical Engineering to Project Management and Six Sigma Courses. He has spent two years overseas in the yachting industry gaining a solid engineering base, from refit projects, removing CAT...

Colleen Jacques


Colleen Jacques grew up between Florida and Canada (not a bad life eh?) Colleen started her career in Miami, FL as a Sales Representative for Ocean Drive Magazine where she developed a love for fashion, hair, makeup and photography.

Her passion led her to become a Fashion Editor for another Miami based magazine called Ego Trip...

George Ryan


George Ryan is a twenty-year resident of South Florida who has been with Blue Water Real Estate Group for the past four years. After spending his years in Florida working at the prestigious Bak Middle School of the Arts.

George brings a deep knowledge of school zoning and magnet programs to help buyers and families to settle in the right community...

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